Hindu Funeral & Cremation Services at Boren-Conner

As a full-service crematorium and funeral home, Boren-Conner helps Hindu families as their loved ones pass into the next life.

Our experience with Hindu funeral traditions enables us to quickly help you prepare for the wake, cremation, and shraddha within days of your loved one’s passing.

No matter how you choose to honor your loved one as they pass into their next life, Boren-Conner Funeral Home can help you make the accommodations to help usher them to the next life.

Contact us today to speak with a funeral director and to learn how Boren-Conner Funeral Home can support your family during this difficult time.  

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Hindu Funeral Rites and Rituals

Wake & Funeral Rites

Hindu last rites begin with a ceremony in the family’s home only a few days after death. The funeral directors at Boren-Conner will work with you, and if your home can’t accommodate all of the guests, ours is also open to you.

Cremation Ceremony

Cremation is crucial to properly usher your loved one to their next life. Boren-Conner can help you plan and execute the Hindu cremation ceremony at our East Texas crematorium. Our crematorium can accommodate a large ceremony, and we’re able to help you find the flowers and other instruments necessary for it.


However you choose to perform the Shraddha, Boren-Conner can help plan that event or event and find everything you need to perform the ceremony. Contact Boren-Conner Funeral home to speak with a funeral director and learn how we can help you celebrate your loved one.

For Guests & Visitors

What to Expect When Attending a Hindu Funeral

Hindu funeral practices are built around the idea that the soul is eternal, and the body a temporary vessel. Hindus believe that the soul is reincarnated into another body after being freed.

The funeral takes place only a day or two after the death because Hindus believe that the body can hold back the soul from moving on. This is also why Hindus cremate, rather than bury, their loved ones. It frees their soul to move on.

  • Hindu funeral rites have three distinct ceremonies:
  • The wake or funeral, often at the family’s home
  • The Hindu cremation ritual
  • The Shradda, for a period after the cremation ceremony

What to Expect at the Cremation Ceremony

The cremation ceremony will take place at the crematorium. This ceremony exists to help the decedent’s soul move on to its next vessel.

Flowers are placed alongside the decedent, representing the health and wellness they wish the loved one in their next life. A lamp is placed by their head, and their feet are sprinkled with water.

These ceremonies are normally led by the eldest son. They will lead the attendees in mantras and chants.

Traditional cremation ceremonies are only attended by men, but modern Hindu cremation ceremonies allow women to attend as well.

What to Expect at the Funeral or Wake

A Hindu funeral is often held at the family’s home. Guests should wear white, rather than black.

Most Hindu funerals are open casket and guests will be asked to view the body. Flowers may be brought or sent ahead of time, but not food or other gifts.

The ceremony, led by a Hindu priest, will lead chants and mantras for the deceased. Non-Hindus do not have to participate, though they can do so if they wish.

What to Expect at the Shraddha

The Shradda is a set of rituals performed up to 15 days after the cremation ceremony, and can include a variety of gatherings and ceremonies.

The Shraddha is meant to wish the deceased well in their next life, either materially, spiritually, or intellectually.

It includes offerings to ancestors and extending hospitality to guests and relatives.

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